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  • on february 1st, 2024, reignac machinery held the " 2023 annual dinner of reignmac machinery co., ltd. ". all employees of reignmac woodworking machinery attended the banquet.

  • dear customers and friends who followed reignmac with interest:the annual lunar new year is coming soon.

  • a new year is coming. on the occasion of this beautiful day, reignmac woodworking machinery wishes you a happy new year's day! happy family!more information of reignmac four-side moulder

  • for more details about the exhibition machines, please feel free to contact reignmac woodworking team.

  • after years of development and innovation, it has become one of the largest and most influential exhibitions in asia.

  • this model can meet the continuous feeding of materials with a minimum length of 150mm, and the maximum speed can reach 70 meters/minute2.

  • each chain belt mandrel has lubrication points, which can be refueled if necessary to keep the chain link flexible.2.properly store the removed saw blade and milling cutter.

  • recently, reignmac successfully passed the measurement management system certification and obtained the aaa certificate.during the two-day supervision and audit

  • daily maintenance1.each spindle of the chain belt has a lubricating point, and it must be lubricated to keep the chain link flexible.