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professional solution for heavy cutting of extra large wooden house beams and columns, and ultra-wide mouldings processing.

φ50mm spindle, out-ball bearings for all horizontal spindles, strong and powerful cutting, working table made in alloy steel, equipped with one set of automatic straight jointer, feeding roller with odφ180mm-m40 heavy duty moulder series.


heavy duty four-side moulder series m40

heavy duty four-side moulder series m40
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product characteristics: professional solution for heavy cutting of extra large wooden house beams and columns, and ultra-wid
 specification & typermm640rmm540rmm440
working width (mm)min.120120120
working thickness (mm)min.303030
number of spindles654
spindle speed (r/min)500050005000
cutting circle(max~min)(mm)first bottom spindleφ160-φ180φ160-φ180φ160-φ180
right side spindleφ160-φ230φ160-φ230φ160-φ230
left side spindleφ160-φ230φ160-φ230φ160-φ230
first top spindleφ160-φ230φ160-φ230φ160-φ230
second top spindleφ160-φ230----------
second bottom spindleφ160-φ230φ160-φ230-----
spindle diameter (mm)φ50φ50φ50
basic motor power (kw) first bottom spindle15kw/20hp15kw/20hp15kw/20hp
 right side spindle15kw/20hp15kw/20hp15kw/20hp
 left side spindle15kw/20hp15kw/20hp15kw/20hp
 first top spindle15kw/20hp15kw/20hp15kw/20hp
 second top spindle15kw/20hp----------
 second bottom spindle15kw/20hp15kw/20hp-----
 feed beam rise & fall1.5kw/2hp1.5kw/2hp1.5kw/2hp
total motor power(kw)103.25kw/138hp88kw/118hp69.25kw/92.4hp
feed speed (m/min) (inverter for feed ) 5-25 5-25 5-25
dust outlet diameter(mm)vertical spindlesφ150mmφ150mmφ150mm
horizontal spindlesφ180mmφ180mmφ180mm
overall machine dimensions (l×w×h) (mm) 5620×2200×19505000×2200×19504210×2200×1950
weight(tons approx) 1210.5 9

note:any variation to the specification above mentioned will not be further notified since the product specification and designs keeps on changing all the time.”

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